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The magnificant nature, landscape and the majestic Argolic beaches, attract many visitors, combing also with the archaeological sites.

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Nafplio is 144km away from Athens, a picturesque neoclassical 19th century city, with great tradition and centuries of history.

Nafplio combines many interesting archaeological sites, majestic beaches, and night life that fascinate visitors.
There are many remarkable archaelogical sites, near Nafplio, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Tyrintha, where a visitor can visit.
Also, a visitor could have a wine tasting experience, visiting Nemea, where a particular grape variety is cultivated and local wineyards produce a specia wine wellknown throughout the world.

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Ermioni is a seaside picturesque village on the southeast of Argolis, and the ideal base to discover the Peloponnese and the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf.

Ermioni is a small, olive groved, peninsula surrounded by two grarhic harbors, where locals fishing boats and yachts anchor.
It’s also the harbour that serves the flying dolphins connection from Ermioni to Piraeus port

NafplioPorto HeliSpetses ,Hydra islandsGalatas and Poros are some of the famous places you can easily visit from Ermioni.

Wonderful beaches, charming villages at a short distance, such as Kilada, fishing center of the Peloponnese, can attract visitor’s interest. Astonishing archaeological sites, such as  MycenaeEpidaurusTiryns and Argos, make Ermioni a perfect choice for unique holidays in this part of Greece.

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The long narrow island of Hydra in the Argosaronic Gulf is both cosmopolitan and tranquil.
Due to the island’s status as a historical monument, strict laws protect Hydra’s tranditional architectural style, thats why they forbid automobiles. So, donkeys and boats are the only form of transportation, while cobblestone streets lead to the island’s various neighourhoods and villages. The island’s streets are lined by shops, hotels, cafes and taverns.

You can reach Hydra by Hydrofoil from Piraeus, two hours time, or drive from Athens to Ermioni and then sipping from the port of Metochi to Hydra.


Spetses, an island boasting a long naval tradition, is famous of its significant contribution to the 1821 War of Independence.

Nowadays, Spetses is a beautiful tourist island, with excellent tourist infrastructure, ideal for someone, who is looking for peace and tranquillity in his vacation. It would be an unforgetable experience to have a romantic trip around the island, in horse drawn carriages and admire the grand mansions adorning the narrow cobbled streets of the island.

Sightseeing of the island: The house of Bouboulina, The house of Hatzigiannis Mexis, Church of Panagia Armata, Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos.

Do not miss, a boat trip and discover the beautiful crystal clear water beaches!
You can reach Spetses by Hydrofoil from Piraeus, or by car (220 km), from Athens to Costa and then sipping to Spetses.

Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a summer resort town in the municipality of Ermionida , in the southeastern part of Argolis, very close to Nafplio and its very important archaeological sites.
It’s situated on a bay of the Argolic Gulf.  There are ferry connections from Porto Heli to the islands of Spetses, Hydra,  Poros, and also to Ermioni and Piraeus.
You cal also have the choise for a cruise to the neighboring islands, for one or more days, including more islands.
There is also, a small private airport, Porto Cheli Airport, south of the town.

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Tolo is 170km away from Athens airport and the access there, is only possible by driving.
Tolo is a pretty seaside town, that is located in a short distance south of Nafplio. The natural surrounding of the town, with its beautiful beaches, create a picturesque romantic and idyllic place, which attract visitors worldwide.

Opposite the port, someone can admire the three little islands, Koronisi, Romni, and Daskalio.

The area aims at single people, couples, families and groups.

Tolo, could easily be a starting point for visits and excusrions to many archaeological sites of the Peloponnese.

“MBS Travel Services” is able to organise advantageus holidays, ensuring special deals for accomodation, appartments and rooms in Tolo, during Summer high season months and even better special offers during the Spring, Autumn and Winter.